Grades are obsolete

It's a Bold Statement, however it is true.  Grades were originally created to measure mastery.  Here are some reasons why it does not affectively measure mastery.

  • Grades are given according to mastery within a lesson plan, not the student
  • Grades measure understanding of the prescribed methodology, not mastery of concept.
  • If mastery is not obtained in the prescribed timeline, students are perpetually "behind."

At Acton our learners learn core skills as well as learning how to learn, in a self-paced environment.  This means our learners are 4.0 students (full mastery) with a lesson plan that adapts to their strengths.

The net affect is learners are happier, master subjects, learn how to learn and tutoring is eliminated.

Our learners are 1-2 grade levels ahead of their peers with no homework.