The What and Why....

As an Affiliate of Acton Academy and as Parents, we have a unique situation that we have the same/combined what and why as both educators and parents.

We want our kids and the next generations not to just be stable or successful, but achieve greatness & change the world in their awesome and unique way. We want to prepare them to be that special gift to humanity.

Because it is the human condition, we all have greatness in us, we all have genius in us. There isn’t a superhero movie we don’t align ourselves with the protagonist with, we want to be Harry Potter, Iron Man, Batman or Superman. We may not have superpowers, but we have our own super gifts.

That leads us to how:
As parents we started our journey when our kids were born. We experimented with multiple methods, home school, traditional schools and alternates as well, nothing really put it all together.

We then found out about Acton, we watched the videos. five days later, the decision was made, move to the closest Acton, the rest is history.

What keeps us going?

We keep on going to back to a some questions that keep us dedicated to this journey.

  • Does the traditional Education system cultivate the unique genius in my child? From my experience going through the education system, the answer is NO.

  • Does the traditional education system teach you how to generate massive wealth? Watching my father, an immigrant, build wealth and settle in a new country, the answer is NO.

For you these questions may be yes, but if it may be a no for you or somebody you know, please share and/or sign up for a tour.

Just some food for thought, kids going through school today don’t even know what careers will exist when they hit adulthood. How prepared are they to be that dynamic? For me I am confident that my Kids going through Acton will be prepared for an ambiguous future.

Acton Oakland - The Tesla of Education

People keep asking “What is Acton Oakland, what makes it different?” We’ve been thinking about how to give the gist of what it is.  We think we found a real easy way to explain it with this statement: “Acton Oakland is the Tesla of Education.” In the spirit of paradigm shifts, mainstream acceptance, and disruption we feel this is a great analogy, we hope you feel the same way too!!

Here’s some reasons why we feel that way:

Tesla Acton Oakland
Needed Early Believers Investors fund the vision Acton Affliate Founders & the Education Community's recognition
Need Early Adopters Fearless customers Faithful founding families who are ready to go against the flow for a better wholistic solution
Mission Focused Make a healthier planet Assist in finding every child's calling and prepare them for their hero's journey
Facility Small Retail Outlets accessable to customers, with a strong service network Local microschools with a global support network & footprint
Paradigm Shift Internal combustion to electric engine Traditional to mastery based, learner driven education
Skeptics Electric vehicles don't make sense. Tech not mature, cost too high Mastery based, learner driven, mixed age is too much freedom
Leading Edge Innovation using existing propulsion and battery technologies Implement best practices throughout the world at a moments notice
Simple Removal of many moving components Reduces bureacracy to focus on learner
Disruptive Changes entire design, sales and service methods From large, structured institutions to a network of nimble microschools
Too Good to be True We could have done this the whole time? YES We could do this and it works? YES
Robust Design, Service and infrastructure built to inspire change in the entire industry Touches on every facet of the real world, Team Building, Self Discipline, Justice, Finance, Business, Problem Solving, etc.


One thing to Note, Elon Musk is also experimenting with a new approach to education as well, but it’s really been kept under wraps. We wish him and anybody experimenting in education the best of success!!