It takes a village to raise a child, at acton we make that village

As a parent I know I can't do it all.  No matter how hard I try I will need help of friends, family and community to prepare my children for the real world.  That's one of the refreshing things we found out about Acton. 

One of Acton's core processes is Community and Governance.  It sounds like it is a daunting thing, how do kids create a community and then govern it.  But that's the amazing thing, the earlier we expose them to these types of systems the sooner they know what it means to be a good friend, family and community member. 

When the Eagles realize they have like minded people around them that have bought into the idea to create a supporting community that helps them find their calling there is a release of anxiety and stress of trying to survive alone.  There are no trust issues, there is no worry about being taken advantage of, no issues with safety, no feeling that they cannot control their environment.  It is truly liberating, it reduces unnecessary overhead so that the focus can be on growth.  As adults imagine if we didn't have to worry about all that, the world would be much happier.

Here are some of the Acton Systems that facilitate Community & Governance:

  • Eagle Bucks
  • Running Squads
  • Council
  • Town Halls
  • Traditions
  • Contracts & Constitutions
  • Schedules

Once our eagles create that village at Acton, they know what it takes to function in the real world so they can ultimately FIND THIER CALLING & CHANGE THE WORLD

Acton Oakland is a Modern Education for the Genius Within