OMG, Monday Mornings - In Acton

Monday's are tough for me, it's overwhelming because I have to get into gear for the week as to bring.  Whether I look forward to the week or not, it's a transition.

Our kids woke up this Monday morning, cranky, slow to get going, just like any other person may realizing the weekend is over. 

A funny thing happened, not really funny more like amazing.  On the way out and through the whole car ride to school, the kids set their goals for the week.  THE KIDS SET GOALS FOR THE WEEK.  This was totally unprompted, and a habit I still have not imbibed.

They shared with me

  1. What they were struggling with.
  2. How they are going to overcome it.
  3. What they are going to accomplish.

That blew me away, not once at Acton did we talk about setting goals like this yet, we do talk about SMART goals, not weekly goals.

The awesome thing is that their nature and character is becoming goal oriented.  This is the Acton difference.  They are in charge of their education and they set their own goals.  Because of this they realize they are the masters of their own destiny and step up to the challenges ahead.