On the first day of school, I presented a Montessori Lesson

On the first day of school, I presented a Montessori Lesson.   It was an "impressionist lesson" about community This lesson was the old "tried and true" nesting blocks activity on how we fit in the universe.  The lesson goes from a small atom of which we are made to our universe.  Excitement was palpable when the Eagles found a picture of the studio on one block.  Another block toward the top had a picture of a child which “represented” an Acton Eagle.  One Eagle made the connection right away pointing to the nesting block stating, “We literally are the new kid on the block!” 


Building a business and being an entrepreneur is time intensive! These Eagles are forging new ground, by being the first Acton Academy in this area of Michigan.  Our location is ideal in the beautiful downtown area of Rochester with amazing parks, overflowing library, great shops and restaurants, and a cool art scene. The Eagles and I have been going into the community of Rochester over the last few weeks and have been introducing ourselves to the local businesses.  Even though the Eagles feel comfortable, animated, and talkative in the studio, the story changes when introducing

It’s challenging being the “new kid on the block.”  Before entering the store, we have many conversations about who will “talk” and “give the card” to the business owner or storekeeper.  We’ve discussed visual and verbal clues about when it’s appropriate to talk with a business owner. The Eagles are becoming braver on delivering their pitch.  One Eagle proudly states, “We are a 21st century school!”  Another Eagle hands over the card with a smile.  Together, it is a group effort in the delivery of the pitch.  The Eagles’ confidence is growing and I am excited be able to watch them craft their pitch about Acton Academy Oakland County over the next few months.  How often do children at a young age get to fine-tune business skills?    

A kind realtor at Keller Williams, Caitlyn Urquhart, came to our studio and explained her job to us.  Caitlyn took the time to talk with the Eagles about the meaning of a pineapple and how it represents hospitality, warmth, welcome, and friendship.  Pineapples are seen on doors, floor mats, and welcome signs. This conversation came naturally to Caitlyn because in a former career she was a Montessori teacher. Caitlyn Urquhart, the Keller Williams team, and office is in walking distance to our studio.  

Acton Academy Oakland County, is surrounded by an amazing support group in downtown Rochester.  Slowly, I hope Eagles feel that being the “new kid on the block” is an advantage!  As we continue to explore our community, talk with new people, and introduce our school, I am sure coming up with their pitch will become easier and feel more natural.