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About us

Our Story

Check out our how our journey and how we got involved this this great movement!!!!
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We Are Blessed

We are proud to the be first and only Acton Academy in Oakland County.  We have been fortunate to be a part of this disruptive education process and look forward to the challenge of launching the next generation of heroes.

We Are Parents

In Oakland county we can witness what happens to a seed, when provided the right environment, it becomes a mighty, mighty oak which generations find awe-filled and inspiring, As parents we want to do just that with our kids.  Acton Oakland is founded by parents who want to nurture and provide the best environment for their kids so they can become the people they were meant to be.  As parents we will be with you in your journey of fulfilling the same.

We Are Learning

As parents and founders we feel we have been entrusted to guide and draw out the beauty, talent and strength that is already within each child.  Even though we will be older than the students at Acton, we firmly believe that we are all on our Hero's journey together, looking to grow and fulfill our calling.  We are open to any suggestion and feedback that would make our collective journey that much more fulfilling.

Our Mission

To launch the next generation of Heroes.